What is this blog about?
This blog is an attempt at what will hopefully become an online community and resource for intact men, that is to say, men who haven't had their foreskins removed and thus have anatomically correct genitals as nature meant them to be.

At least in the United States, most, if not all information regarding male genitals is geared towards circumcised males. Most textbooks depict the human penis as circumcised. Diagrams on how to put on a condom depict a penis that is circumcised, and there are no instructions or advice for males who are intact. It is basically assumed that if you're an American male, you've been circumcised at birth, so there is little to no information for guys who have genitals as nature made them.

This blog is an attempt to be that resource for guys who, as a consequence of our circumcision oriented culture, are left in the dark. It's also an attempt to be an information resource for circumcised males to know what they're missing, to find out what men in pretty much the rest of the world know.

Is what I'm experiencing "normal?"

Is this the way my penis is supposed to work?

Should I be worried?

Should I see a doctor?

What kind of doctors should I be wary about?

Is what my doctor is telling me consistent with modern medicine?

These are all questions that well up for intact men, and this blog is an attempt to answer those questions and more.

As readers may or may not know, 70% of the world's male population is not circumcised. The United States is basically the only English-speaking country in the industrialized world where the majority of males are circumcised at birth, and so most males are circumcised. The information provided to males and parents of male children in the US is vastly different than the information provided in the rest of the world. As with their circumcised penises, they're not getting the full package. They only get partial information, information relevant only to circumcised males, or worse, misinformation.

This blog is is an attempt to fill in those gaps, to provide information doctors should be giving intact males.

Though information documented in medical literature is cited, your blogger is not a doctor. He holds no medical degrees of any kind. If you are suffering a medical problem, or you think you might be, ultimately you should seek out a foreskin-friendly doctor who is experienced with anatomically correct genitals to give you a proper diagnosis.

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