Friday, January 27, 2017

First Post Ever

Are you an American male with anatomically correct genitalia? (E.g., uncut?)

Maybe you're just uncut, but are looking for an information resource for guys like you.

If you're like 70% of the world's male population, and you've got whole, intact genitals like nature made them, then this site is for you!

At least in the United States, there is an information blackout when it comes to anatomically correct male genitals.

That's because most, if not all information out there concerning male organs is geared towards circumcised guys.

In textbooks, penises are depicted as circumcised.

Oftentimes, if the foreskin is mentioned, it's in the context of circumcision.

When dispensing sex advice, "experts" assume a male is circumcised.

Some doctors treat having a foreskin as a medical condition altogether, and will prescribe circumcision for any and every reason.

Either they didn't learn how normal genitals work, they learned misinformation, or worse, they're charlatans who see a price tag at the end of your dick.

The sad fact is that circumcision has permeated our culture to the extent that the foreskin has also been circumcised from the American psyche.

American medical curriculum teaches doctors, a great majority of whom are circumcised themselves, to circumcise. They're taught to deal with only a circumcised penis.

The foreskin and the normal development of anatomically correct male genitals is missing from medical textbooks.

Some doctors have never seen an intact penis in their lives, so they're simply unfamiliar with how one is supposed to work. Thus, oftentimes, they dispense "advice" that can actually be harmful.

Information regarding anatomically correct genitals that is well-documented in Western medical literature is simply absent in American textbooks.

People from other English-speaking countries are horrified to find out what goes on in the United States.

An overhaul is necessary to bring American medical curriculum up-to-date when it comes to male genitals.

Until that happens, you're stuck until you find a site like this.

In this blog, I will attempt to document information that should otherwise be common knowledge.

Wherever possible I will provide links and references to medical literature, and/or links to information dispensed by respected medical organizations.

The information on this blog should not be treated as a substitute for medical advice from a medical practitioner. If you are suffering a medical condition, or you think you might be, it is best to consult a foreskin-friendly doctor for a diagnosis.

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